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6 Ways to Break-up with Google

To avid online entrepreneurs, Google is known for constantly updating and tweaking its search algorithms in order to generate the most relevant results for your search queries, for the most part at least. While some websites are immune to these updates, many end up losing a major chunk of their traffic as also their rankings. It is very difficult to predict how these updates will affect your website’s rank in the search results. Clearly, relying only on SEO to drive traffic to your website is a risky move. So that you do not make the mistake of keeping all your eggs in one basket, here are some alternative methods that you can use to get regular traffic without Google’s help -  


Blogging is a great way to generate targeted traffic even though creating a successful and well-respected blog entails plenty of hard work. Consider maintaining a blog if you are in it for the long haul rather than starting one just for the sake of it. As long you post high quality content consistently and regularly, the rewards will flow in on auto pilot. 

Depending on your niche, you might want to consider giving shout-outs to other major brands and businesses in your industry. If they like your blog, they might link it to their customers which will have a massive positive impact on the traffic flowing towards your site. However, you would do well to remember that for successful blogging, quality content is of paramount importance.

Guest Posting

Guest posting/blogging is another great way to expand your brand’s outreach. Be on the lookout for any opportunities wherein you can submit a guest posts on websites relevant to your business. Preferably, select a website with a good domain authority score. This term is an important factor for search engine rankings and it is largely based on the age, popularity and size of a given website. 

Carefully go through the website or blog’s content to see if it is actually relevant to your brand. Apply to these sites for guest posting and focus on providing the most relevant information that would appeal to its reader base. This is also a great opportunity to gain for your business brand recognition and it will soon generate targeted traffic to your website.


Commenting on industry relevant blogs and forums is another way of establishing your presence on the Internet. All the same, make sure that your comments actually engage with the readers or better still, spark a lively discussion. Posting irrelevant comments is frowned upon and this usually backfires on the protagonist. Do not make the mistake of linking users to your website in every comment, however intuitive this may seem. This should be resorted to only once in a while, if the context permits.

Forum Marketing

Contrary to popular belief forum marketing is far from dead. In fact, if used effectively, this can drive a large volume of targeted traffic to your site which basically means more conversions. Moreover, it will also help you build a reputation online as an expert in your niche. Start by identifying the major forums in your industry with an active user base and set up a profile. Find relevant threads and start engaging with the community. 

Forum marketing takes a considerable amount of time and effort but the rewards are commensurate. Make sure you consistently post useful content and build up a reputation before directing users towards your website. Surely no one likes spammers! 

Social Media

If you have decided not to depend on search engine rankings to drive traffic towards your website, then a carefully thought-out content marketing campaign on social media is absolutely essential. Social media can have a tremendous impact on your company’s sales and web traffic volume. This is practically the reason as to why all major companies have dedicated social media teams. Set up a page/profile for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (if appropriate) and post links to unique, thought-provoking and captivating articles on your website with catchy headlines. 

You could even post small excerpts of your articles to let your readers know what it is about. Remember that your content has to be interesting and informative to stand out. Do not post more than a few times a week and limit your posts to a few lines at the most. Include links to your website if readers want to know more. As long you provide value to your users, they will visit your site.


Although the idea of using ads to generate traffic might seem a bit daunting and maybe somewhat unnecessary to newbies, you can rest assured that a well-placed ad with good copy provides terrific return on investment. In fact, online ads are capable of sending hundreds if not thousands of visitors to your site practically instantaneously. Moreover, there are so many ad platforms operating nowadays that getting an ad across to your target audience is now easier than ever. You would be surprised at how much difference sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook can make. 

In fact, 2016 has witnessed a 40% increase in ad spending in its third quarter for several major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest largely due to their enhanced audience targeting capabilities.