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Buy Expired Domains  //  How to buy an Expired Domain for your money-site

Everytime I created a new project, I would go to NameCheap my favorite registrar for cheap domain names and do a few searches for a brandable domain and purchase it.

Next, I would create the website, make sure the OnPage SEO is perfect and publish it to the server and wait for vistors...

... and I would wait.. and wait ...

... and then wait some more ...

six to ten months later, I would start seeing some search traffic trickle in due to my On page SEO efforts. If my outreach efforts worked well in these months, the site would have a handful of backlinks and the traffic would grow... slowly.. but surely

It would often take around 18 months to see the orgranic traffic I had envisoned way back when I created the site.

This is what I was doing for the last 5 years (since I started my online marketing journey). It was normal for a new domain to be sandboxed for 6 months and to not see any search traffic till it had 12 to 18 months of age to it. This was considered normal in the industry too.

... and then one day I was reading an article that spoke about how one could purchase an aged expired domain and create a site on it to avoid the sandbox. Also, if the aged domain had some backlinks to it, one could save two years of effort. This sounded too good to be true. So I decided to carry out an experiment.

And it worked! Oh. How it worked!

In this short tutorial, I will explain how to go about finding an aged expired domain for your money site and how to make sure that you get the complete benefit of its existing backlinks

Step 1: Use DomCop to find perfect expired domains.

Sign up for the free trial of the Newbie Plan account. You won't need the higher plans. Make sure to find domains based on their Majestic Topical Trust Flow (TTF). This metric basically specifies the industry of the websites linking to this expired domain as well as the quality of the back links. For e.g. if my money-site is in the Computer niche, then I would look for domains that have a TTF of more than 20 in the Computer niche. At DomCop you can see the TTF of the domains right under the domain name. See screenshot below.

I would also look at their Top Anchor Texts to quickly figure out if the domain has any spammy looking links built to it. Stay away from these domains, as a penalty to an expired domain carrys forward even if it drops and then is repurchased.

Apart from the TTF metrics and Anchor Texts you should also look at the total referring Subnets. Find a domain that has at least 30 referring subnets. This will make sure that even if the domain loses some links in the next few years, you will still retain sufficient equity

Don't rush the process. It might take you a few hours to find the perfect domain - but rest assured - it is totally worth it.

Once you have selected the perfect domain for your site, you can either purchase it from an auction or you can place a back order for it, so that as soon as the expired domain drops, the provider catches it for you. Don't try to manually catch the domain - you won't be able to do it. Just shell our the $69 that the back ordering services charges. I use NameJet for domain backordering. $69 is a very small price to pay to save an entire year of link building.

Step 2: Create the website with the same url structure. You want to use a website like Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer to see which pages have got the most links. You need to make a list of all the pages with the links and ensure that the new website you create has the exact same url structure. Since you purchased a domain in the same niche, your content will be more or less the same, and so the back links will have practical value.

Step 3: Publish the website and wait for re-indexation. Don't spend on content right now. You want to give Google some time to re-index the website. Ideally this should not take more than two weeks. You can test whether the site has been re-indexed by running the command "". See screenshot below

Once the site has been re-indexed, you should add the content to it as soon as possible and soon should see your site quickly rankings for the keywords the expired domain used to rank for. You no longer need to wait for 12 to 18 months for this. Since this is a aged expired domain, the sandbox no longer applies to it!