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5 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Online marketing experts have long proclaimed that a business is only as good as its database. Indeed it is hard to dispute this claim since recent surveys have proved that over 4 billion people in the world have an email account. A healthy number of e-mail subscribers are of paramount importance for growing your business, gaining new customers, consolidating existing relationships and increasing sales. Furthermore, research has shown that e-mails have a conversion rate that is as competitive if not better than traditional SEO strategies. By now, you have probably grasped how invaluable e-mail subscribers are for generating revenue.

Discussed as follows are some of the most effective ways to grow your subscriber list -

Make it Easy to Subscribe

People should be able to subscribe to emails from your site as effortlessly as possible. At the very least, configure your page so that the opt-in form is easily visible on the front page (preferably above the fold). Placing an opt-in form on the side-bar of your website is also a prudent move. If you have a blog, then provide a sign-up form following your blog posts.

Apart from the optional newsletter sign-up forms, many businesses have had considerable success with pop-ups and overlays that request visitors to join a mailing list on their websites. Optinmonster, for instance, provides a range of trigger options for pop-ups based on the amount of time you have spent on a page, location on a site, clicks on links and so on. Usually, it is a good idea to set a pop-up or overlay to appear after a user has spent 15 seconds or more on your website.

Alternatively, you could set them to appear midway through a page. Exit intent pop-ups have also become popular in the past few years that generate an opt-in form when a user tries to close a webpage.

Incentivise People to Subscribe

Even if people like your content, they are unlikely to voluntarily sign-up for a newsletter unless you clearly spell out how they stand to benefit by joining your mailing list. You have to provide some kind of reward or incentive to visitors for parting with their email IDs. To encourage people to sign up, offer them access to premium content, special discounts, giveaways, and other promotional schemes.

The incentives can be many and varied. For instance, many e-commerce stores offer their customers additional discount for subscribing to their newsletters. The promise of subscriber exclusive content, merchandise and special offers is very tempting bait that most users fall for. Just remember to not mislead your customers and provide them whatever you have promised. You could even give them a tantalizing glimpse of what they are missing out on before asking them to sign-up. 

Convert Social Media Followers into Subscribers

Studies have shown that e-mail subscriptions generate more revenue than targeted social media promotion campaigns. Fortunately, you can leverage your social media presence to grow your mailing list. Start by adding an email sign-up link/tab on your Facebook page that re-directs the user to landing page with an opt-in form for recording their email IDs’. You can even install something like the AWeber app to directly record your followers’ details on your company’s page itself. You should also include links to your website in the ‘About’ Section.

Regularly post compelling and fascinating content with outbound links to your website on your Facebook page with a small excerpt so your followers know the subject matter. The same holds true for other social media websites as well. Include a link to your page in your Twitter bio and tweet to your followers asking them to subscribe. You could even include an outbound link in a pinned tweet on Twitter or in a pinned post on Facebook for greater visibility. Apart from social media, potentially every e-mail you send out is an opportunity to gain subscribers. All you need to do is add an opt-in link to your email signature.

Attend and Host Events

Hosting a webinar or free online courses is a great way to engage with your potential customers. Moreover, it gives your organisation a human face that people can identify with more easily. For every webinar or course that you host, make sure to share a link that sends people to a page for recording their contact details. If people genuinely find your webinar interesting and informative, there will be plenty of volunteers.

Organising real life seminars and conferences is another great way to grow your subscribers and network with people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Invite professionals relevant to your industry and create a database of e-mail IDs from their business cards. More often than not, such truly ‘interested’ subscribers produce a lot more conversions than online netizens.

Retain your Subscribers

Retaining your hard earned subscribers is arguably just as important as growing your subscriber base. It goes without saying that people hate being bombarded by irrelevant content and more often than not such emails are marked as spam. You should only send newsletters that target your subscribers’ requirements and preferences to keep it relevant.

What you must also do is to be consistent in the content and quality of your newsletters. Apart from consistency, when it comes to e-mails, less can sometimes be more. If your subscribers have consented to once a week newsletters, sending out multiple mails a week can be counter-productive and can lead to cancellation of subscriptions. You have to give your subscribers total control over how frequently they want to receive emails from you.